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Care & Maintenance.

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Just a little TLC will keep your products looking as good as new for years to come…

A gentle clean with a soft brush and mild detergent, followed by a freshwater rinse, will maintain the long-term performance of your powder coated products. In rural or normal urban environments cleaning should occur every 12 months, in areas of high pollution, such as industrial areas, geothermal areas or coastal environments, cleaning should occur every three months. In particularly harsh environments such as beachfront, severe marine environments or areas of high industrial pollution, the frequency of cleaning should be increased to monthly.

If you need to remove splashed paint, sealants or mastics from your powder coated products, you can use white spirits. When using white spirits, cleaning should be carried out in the shade and during cooler temperatures using a soft cloth and gentle wiping only. Test white spirit on a non-visible area first to ensure that no visual colour change or damage occurs.