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Barrier & Security Hinged Screen Door Planner

Aluminium Door Planner.


Complete our step-by-step guide to design and build your custom ProtectorAl Barrier or Security Screen Door.


ProtectorAl Barrier and Security Hinged Aluminium Screen Doors are designed to fit door opening sizes with a Width range of 798 - 848 mm and a Height range of 2030 - 2070 mm.


You will receive a quotation for your new door and a unique enquiry code upon completion. Your enquiry will be automatically forwarded to your nominated Bunnings Special Orders Desk to assist you with finalising your order and delivery or collection options.


This offer is currently only available in Australia

Step 1 - Select Hinged Door Type

Step 2 - Select Door Infill Type

Please note that all Door Infill Types are available in Black Powdercoat only.

Step 3 - Enter Door Jamb Dimensions

Watch this video

How to measure your door provision

Not all door jambs are square or true, so it’s important you watch our helpful video and provide accurate measurements as required.

ProtectorAl Hinged Aluminium Barrier and Security Screen Doors can accommodate door opening sizes with Width: 790 - 848 mm and Height 2030 - 2070 mm.

IMPORTANT – You are providing door opening measurements above. Please do not provide door measurements.

ProtectorAl will manufacture your new door, making all the necessary industry deductions and adjustments from the door opening measurements you have provided, ensuring the best possible fit for your new door.

Step 4 - Select Door Frame Colour

Select one of our powder coated aluminium door frame colours.

Colours are indicative only.

Step 5 - Select Lock & Hinge Side

ProtectorAl Hinged Aluminium Barrier and Security Screen Doors are designed to swing outwards (away from the home and your existing internal swinging door).


Before installing your new door, checking for any potential interference within your existing jamb and swing radius is crucial. This includes inspecting permanent and structural items within the outward swing radius of your new door, such as an existing door handle. Ensuring there are no obstructions will help prevent any damage or safety hazards.


Please select your desired hinge and lock side from the options below. (Selection should be made whilst standing outside your home and looking back towards your home at the intended new ProtectorAl door location).


As you update your options the selected door will be shown here