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Aluminium Door Planner.

Aluminium Door Planner.



Simply complete this simple step by step guide to build your custom Aluminium Hinged Security or Screen Door. Upon completion, you will be provided with a product fineline and unique enquiry code. The details of your enquiry will be automatically communicated to your selected local Bunnings Australia Warehouse Special Orders Desk. You local selected Bunnings Special Orders desk will be able to assist you with pricing and the finalisation of your Custom Made Aluminium Hinged Security or Screen Door.


This offer is currently only available to Australia.

Step 1 - Select Hinged Door Type

Step 2 - Select Door Infill Type

Please note that all Door Infill Types are available in Black Powdercoat only.

Step 3 - Enter Door Jamb Dimensions

Watch this video

How to measure your door provision

Not all door jambs are square or true, so it’s important you watch our helpful video and provide accurate measurements as required.

Doors can be from 790 - 848 mm wide and 2030 - 2070 mm high.

Important: ProtectorAl will manufacture your Hinged Door, making necessary allowances and deductions, based on the above measurements you provide in order to suit the door provision.

Step 4 - Select Door Frame Colour

Select one of our powder coated aluminium door frame colours.

Colours are indicative only.

Step 5 - Select Lock & Hinge Side

ProtectorAl Aluminium Hinged Doors are designed to swing outwards (away from your existing door / home) and include three pre-fitted black hinges.


Our Screen Hinged Doors include 1 x single locking point & our Security Hinged Doors include 3 x locking points.


It’s important you check to ensure there is no interference inside the door jamb in order to accommodate the hinges & lock point locations.


Select your desired lock and hinge sides from below (Note: selection is based on standing outside your home & looking back towards your home)


As you update your options the selected door will be shown here