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Protector Aluminium Pool Fencing is the safest, strongest, and most trusted on the market!

Safer, Stronger Pool Fencing and Gates

The best quality aluminium Pool Fencing on the market today, backed by a Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. All Protector Aluminium Pool Panels and Gates have been designed for superior strength, easy installation and maximum safety.

Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Available in Satin Black or Primrose

Expanded custom order range

Designed and manufactured to exceed ASNZ1926.1

Pool Compliant Designs – Australia

Below are our most popular designs. If you don’t see one you like we can custom manufacture to your style.

We only show black pool fences here, but did you know, you can also customise your fence colour? Matching the pool fence colour to the roof/gutter colour often works best, dark colours are usually less obtrusive (black is the most popular colour).

All Protector Aluminium Pool Panels and Gates include our Ulti-M8, ultra strength core system. This system features additional inner ribs within all pickets, plus top and bottom rails. In addition to core strength, we apply 6 point welds, making Protector Aluminium Pool Panels & Gates, the strongest and most secure aluminium fencing system available at the present time!

Protector Aluminium is committed to improving safety in and around the pool. Our fencing is the only pool fencing partnered with Royal Life Saving Society Australia and Water Safety New Zealand. Our Pool Panels have been tested to meet Australian Standards. New Zealand CodeMark Certification is available for any pool or balustrade manufactured between 17th June 2014 and 17th June 2020.

Panels, Gates, Posts, Brackets and Fixings are available off the shelf in a variety of colours and designs, or you can custom order any size, style and colour. Not suitable for use for falls exceeding 1000mm.

Form 15
If you live and Queensland and require a Form 15 for your Protector Aluminium Pool Fence, you can request this online here.

Brighten Up – Solar Pool Fence Lights
A glamourous finishing touch that will create peaceful ambience in your pool yard at night. Our solar pool lights slot directly into the top of your Fence Posts.

Stocked Lines

Available At Bunnings Warehouse

Stocked Lines

Available off the shelf from Bunnings Warehouse.

Available At Bunnings Warehouse

Protector Aluminium Pool Fencing

All About Saving Young Lives

How to Install Pool Fencing?

Josh and Jenna show you how to install a Pool Fence, Gate and G8safe Tri-latch. The fence profile used is Looptop, colour is Primrose, all available off the shelf from Bunnings Warehouse.

Supervise. Restrict. Teach. Respond. Keep Watch

Royal Life Saving’s ‘Keep Watch Campaign’ has been advising Australian parents and carers on how to keep their children safe when in, on, or around the water.

At Protector Aluminium, we’re committed to the highest safety standards in and around the pool

That’s why we’ve partnered with Royal Life Saving Society Australia and Water Safety New Zealand bringing you the safest and strongest pool fence on the market.


  • Area Not Square?: Check out our Guide to Fencing a Non-Square Area.
  • Pool Gate Latch: You will need 1 post that is longer than the standard posts, this is for the pool gate latch.
  • Sloping Ground: Raking the panels often looks better and eliminates gaps under the fence. Depending on pool fencing regulations in your area, your pool fence can be raked to suit the slope of the ground.
  • Underground Cables: AUSTRALIA call Dial Before You Dig on 1100 or in NEW ZEALAND go to www.beforeudig.co.nz
  • To ensure your pool fencing complies with local guidelines, contact a pool fence inspector/certifier in your area.

Need more info? Check out our most frequently asked questions.

What are the key things to remember with pool compliance?

Customers need to always check with local council, state building authorities and state government for specific legislation. Some of the basic regulations include –

  • Panels and gates must be at least 1200mm high when measured from finished ground level outside of the pool enclosure to the top of the top rail.
  • Any gaps including below and between panels, must be less than 100mm.
  • Fence line must be 900mm away from any climbable object outside the fence.
  • Gates must swing away from the pool and be self-closing from any position.
  • The gate latch release must be at least 1500mm above the ground if it is located on the outside of the gate or 150mm below the top rail and shielded if located inside the gate.
  • Maximum 10mm gap between latch and striker
  • Gate hinges must be a minimum of 900mm apart with the safety cone (included in packaging) fitted to the bottom hinge.

Government pool fencing guidelines include regulations on earthing metal features close to pools and spas to avoid possible electric shocks, which in rare cases could be deadly.  Check with relevant authorities for laws in your area.

Does it comply to pool safety standards?

Yes. Our fencing exceeds AS1926.1 and Protector Aluminium is the first aluminium pool fencing manufacturer to obtain CodeMark & PCME certification for its product.

What are the specific laws for my area?

Our sales team have a broad understanding of Australian Standards (with regards to climbable points, minimum heights etc.) and are ready and waiting to give you advice. Each local council may have specific by-laws so please contact them for any specifics.

What posts do I need?

This would depend on where you would like your posts to go;
Concrete/Tiles – Flanged Posts (1300h for standard fence panels and one 1600h for your gate latch post)
Natural Ground – In-Ground Posts (1800h for standard fence panels and one 2100h for your gate latch post)

What accessories do I need?

You will need 4 panel brackets per standard panel (6 for double top rail styles) and these are available in a 4-pack off the shelf from your local Bunnings. For pool gates, you will require one G8Safe TriLatch, and one pack of G8Safe pool hinges. Remember to purchase either a 1600h flanged post or 2100h in-ground post for your TriLatch to be mounted on.

The grounds slopes where I would like to put my fencing. What can I do?

We can definitely help you here. Simply supply a diagram to our sales team via the staff at the Special Orders Desk and we will custom manufacture fencing that will meet your requirements. Please also supply your name and contact details, so we can call you to discuss any particulars.

Can I have different styles/colours of fencing to match the style of my house?

Yes, a full range of custom sizes, designs and colours can be ordered via the Bunnings Special Orders desk. As these panels are custom made for you, lead times and costs may vary.

How does the Pool Inspection process work?

You are required to have a compliant pool fence. Our pool fencing has Product Technical Statements available on our website in both Australia and New Zealand so you can be sure that it has been manufactured to all applicable Australia and New Zealand Building Codes and Standards. Engage the services of a pool inspector to inspect your fence. Provide your inspector with copies of our Product Technical Statements. A Form 15 is required in Qld and a PS1 in NZ.

What happens if my pool fence fails an Inspection?

Your pool inspector will advise you why the fence has failed an inspection and allow you a certain amount of time to rectify the situation. In Australia, according to the Building Act 1975, a pool owner cannot hire a 2nd pool inspector within 3 months of engaging the first inspector. This policy is intended to prevent pool owners from engaging another inspector if the 1st inspector deemed a pool fence non-compliant. All non-compliant pool fences are issued with a Form 26 and listed on the pool register and the local government may take action against a pool owner who has knowingly engaged a 2nd inspector. In most cases once the issues have been rectified the inspector will reinspect the pool and issue the certificates if the issues have been remedied.

Does Protector Aluminium pool fencing comply with pool safety standards Australia?

Yes. All pool fencing products are designed to exceed the relevant Australian / New Zealand standards. Product Technical Statements outlining this information in more detail are available for download.

What is the difference between Protector Aluminium pool and boundary fencing?

Pool Fencing is designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the current Australian Standards and Pool Legislation. Boundary fencing is a cheaper alternative to fence a property. Boundary fencing is NOT pool or balustrade compliant and is a low-cost option, utilising lower-grade aluminium with larger spacings. It has an indented line/ridge running horizontal across the top and bottom rails to distinguish from pool rails. Boundary panels have 4-point welds. Pool and balustrade panels have 6-point welds for greater strength.

Is Protector aluminium balustrading pool compliant?

No, the Balustrade fencing system is not pool compliant in either aluminium or glass, as different grade materials are used. Protector can design and manufacture the aluminium balustrade to comply with both standards via Bunnings Special Order desk.

What is the difference between balustrade and other fencing?

Balustrade is designed and manufactured to exceed the mandatory Australian Standards and Building Codes for Australia and is required for any decking, patio, veranda higher than 1 metre off the ground and can be used to a height of up to 4 metres. Please check with your local council for any additional local requirements. Balustrade is required to be stronger than boundary or pool fencing as it is the only barrier to prevent balcony accidents.

Ulti-M8 heavy gauge aluminium pickets for ultra-strength core are used in Protector balustrade panels. The shorter spans provide a strong, easy to install balustrade solution. It is light and durable and won’t rust or rot. Our aluminium balustrade is designed and manufactured to exceed AS1170 and must be installed correctly to provide suitable rigidity.

How can I get my compliance certificates for Protector Aluminium products?

All our available compliance documentation is available on our website, visit to download the Product Technical Statements (PTS) for each relevant product. The PTS contains all the information required for your inspector or certifier to provide you with compliance certificates for your local area. In Queensland, a Form 15 can be obtained directly from our website by going to Form 15 page. For all compliance certificates to be issued you will need to retain your proof of purchase, so make sure to keep a digital version of your receipts (either a photo or scanned copy). In some cases, a certifier or council may require technical drawings. We do not provide these to members of the public, but the certifier or council can contact us directly and we will provide them with the required documents.

What is the maximum width of a Protector Aluminium Pool Gate?

1200mm – wider gates would not be able to perform to the strength and rigidity requirements for pool fencing under the current standards.

What warranty is given with Protector Aluminium pool fencing?

The 6-point welded pool fencing comes with a Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty and a 10 Year Powder-Coat Warranty.  Receipt required as proof of purchase.

What posts are required when building an aluminium pool fence?

This would depend on where you would like your posts to go. If fixing off on to concrete/tiles you will need flanged Posts – 1300mm for standard fence panels and one 1600mm for gate latch post. If your posts are in natural ground, you will need In-ground Posts – 1800mm for standard fence panels and one 2100mm for gate latch post. DO NOT USE POSTCRETE OR RAPID SET CONCRETE AS IT WILL CORRODE THE ALUMINIUM.

What accessories are needed for a Protector Aluminium pool fence?

You will need 4 panel brackets per standard panel (6 for double top rail styles) available in a 4-pack off the shelf. For pool gates – self-closing pool hinges is required , we recommend G8Safe TriLatch and one pack of G8Safe pool hinges as the safest on the market. Remember a 1600h flanged post or 2100h in-ground post is required for your TriLatch to be mounted on.

I have a staircase, can you make raked panels?

Yes. We can manufacture custom panels in various designs and colours upon request via the Bunnings Special Orders Desk.



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