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Panel and Bracket Corner Modifications.

Panel Bracket Corner Mods Change

Panel Brackets are used for attaching fence panels to posts and walls. These brackets are light, strong, neat, non-corrosive and easy to fit. They allow for some adjustment if your panel is a bit shorter than the gap between the posts. They also allow for some sideways adjustment if your fence is not in a straight line – approx 15 degrees (7.5 degrees each way).

For angles sharper than 15 degrees you can modify the panel bracket as shown in the image.

  1. Determine the angle required and mark on the end of the fence rails. Mark a second cut at approx 90 degrees to the first cut, so that the rail can fit right inside the bracket.
  2. You will need to cut 2 brackets per angle (1 for top rail and 1 for the bottom rail). Determine the side of the bracket that needs to be removed, then cut 2 slots towards the back of the bracket as shown. Score a line
    with an angle grinder or drill a few small holes at the back of the bracket.
  3. Using pliers, bend the cut section back and forward until it snaps out.
  4. Cut the end of the top and bottom rails rail to the required angle with an angle grinder.
  5. Repeat for all panel brackets, remembering to cut the opposite side if necessary.
  6. Fix the panels to posts as per normal. If needed, use extra Tek Screws to screw through the panel bracket and into the rail to prevent it from coming loose.

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