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Gate Converter.

ProtectorAl Gate Converter for DIY custom size gate.

Gate Converters have been designed to easily convert a 1200mm high flat top boundary fence panel into a gate, giving you the opportunity to create a custom-sized gate any size up to 2400 wide, simply by cutting the panel to the required size.

You can also covert a 900 mm high flat top fence as part of our custom order range.

This is great when you want a custom sized gate, without the fabrication time or expense of a custom order. Not suitable for use within a pool barrier as a pool gate.

10 year Powder coat Warranty

Any size up to 2m wide. No wait for Special order

Simple and Easy

Create a gate from a flat top boundary panel

Stocked Lines

Stocked Lines

Available off the shelf from Bunnings Warehouse.

Available At Bunnings Warehouse

How to Install Gate Converter?

Josh and Jenna show you how to install a Gate Converter, the product shown is available off the shelf in black.


  • Ideal for driveways, rural properties, or urban use.
  • Installation couldn’t be easier, simply measure then cut the panel to the desired length, insert the Make it Easy Gate Converters, fix off top and bottom at each corner and your new gate is ready to go.
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