Protector Aluminium balustrade is available in a variety of styles and profiles to suit any taste. Available from Bunnings Warehouse, black is the popular off the shelf option. For any other colour these can be easily ordered through Bunnings Special Orders.

The panels come with an end post welded to one end, you simply slot each panel into the next panel, corner and end posts are available to finish the job easily. 

We can custom build raked balustrade to fit any staircase, you’ll just need to specify number of steps and the size of treads, use our Measuring Balustrade for Stairs guide to help you measure out your project”


Looks good from any angle
Most balustrade fencing can be viewed at eye level or higher, so it is important to compliment the design of your choice with a nice clean finish. For this, Protector Aluminium balustrade panels have the same smooth finish on the bottom of each panel as they do on the top, which means no pickets are protruding through the bottom of the panels, so it looks as good on the bottom as it does on the top!

Quality you can rely on
Our panels have been tested to meet Australian Standards and are Codemark Certified Australia - Valid for any Pool or Balustrade System manufactured between September 2014 - December 14 2020 (Manufacturing date stamp can be located on the underside of the top rail).
Balustrade panels now have full compliance documentation (Product Technical Statement) showing how they comply to the relevant Australian Standards, which means they will be accepted by any Building Authority in Australia.

Please note: New Zealand CodeMark Certification is available for any Pool or balustrade manufactured between 17th June 2014 and 17th June 2020.

For all other compliance requirements please contact Protector Aluminium.


Colour choices: Below are the standard choices for balustrading and a link to view custom options.

Off the shelf from Bunnings Warehouse Custom

Any Colour (Almost!)

Click here to view Custom colours for Australia

Please note:  Colours are indicative only.  Refer to colour charts at the Special Orders Desk.

Sept 2015 - Interpon have discontinued the following colours:
Vivica Pewter Pearl (GY199A)
Anodic Slate Grey (GY218A)
Anodic Nighthawk (GY244A)
Olde Pewter (GL175A)
French Champagne (GX207C)
French Champagne (YX207C)


Generally balustrading must be used around any level surface/deck more than 1m above ground level, you can check specific regulations with your local council.

When ordering custom panels, consider different shaped rails (round, oval, square, rectangular). If you want to add a timber top rail to your balustrade, Protector Aluminium can manufacture your panels with a flat bar top rail, so once you have installed your panel you can add your timber top rail with ease. Random Verticals provide a stylish contemporary effect.

Fence Profile

balustrade profiles

Features At-A-Glance

CodeMark Certified - 09/14 - 14/12/20
PTS Balustrade

19 pickets per panel
Pickets – 16mm x 1.6mm tube
98.6mm space between picket centres
Top Rail – 50mm x 25mm
Bottom Rail – 38mm x 25mm
Post – 50mm x 50mm
Base Plate – 100mm x 100mm x 8mm

Panels:  2000mm wide (including fixed post) x 1010mm high
Corner Posts:  50mm x 50mm x 1010mm flanged bottom – sleeved top (90˚)
End Posts:  50mm x 50mm x 1010mm flanged bottom – sleeved top (1-way)

Colours:  Black off the shelf
              Any colour as a custom order click here to view colours

Please note:  Colours are indicative only.  Refer to colour charts at the Special Orders Desk.

Additional Parts Required:

Complete the job with Protector Aluminium top and bottom rail brackets, you’ll need 1 bottom rail bracket per panel, plus a top bracket if fixing panel to a wall.

Please Note: not suitable for use as a pool barrier. Contact your Bunnings Special Order’s to order custom made panels

Purchasing is Easy

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Bunnings Special Orders

Available off the shelf from Bunnings Warehouse. Or custom order, any size, rake, profile and colour by visiting Bunnings Warehouse Special Orders Desk.


Boundary Fencing

Josh and Jenna Show you how easy it is. Watch the install video

Or visit our Downloads page to get a full installation guide

Remember, remove all packaging including plastic film.

Exposure to moisture or direct sunlight with packaging or plastic film in place may void warranty.

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