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Aluminium Balustrade

Our ProtectorAl Aluminium Balustrade is our easiest DIY system to date, panels and posts simply sleeve together creating a seamless finish. Ideal for decks, balconies, and indoor elevated spaces.

Pa Balustrade Assembly1
Pa Balustrade Assembly 2
Pa Balustrade Assembly3
Pa Balustrade Assembly4
Our lightweight premium aluminium Balustrade Panels have a sleek and modern designs that are strong and durable, without the risk of rusting like steel or rotting like timber. Installing this product is easy and ideal for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. It complies with the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1170.1 as outlined in our Product Technical Statement PTS100110 for safety and security. Our industry-pioneering and easiest DIY system to date, aluminium balustrade system is complete with ProtectorAl Aluminium Balustrade Panels, ProtectorAl Aluminium Balustrade Posts, ProtectorAl Aluminium Balustrade Brackets.
2312214pa Balustrade Schematic
ProtectorAl™ Balustrade Posts
ProtectorAl™ Balustrade Wall Brackets
ProtectorAl™ Post Domical Covers
Icons Web Page 0005 Easy Diy Installation

Easy DIY

Icons Web Page 0004 Strong & Durable

Strong And

Icons Web Page 0003 Will Not Rust Like Steel

Will Not Rust
Like Steel

Icons Web Page 0002 Will Not Rot Like Timber

Will Not Rot
Like Timber

Icons Web Page 0001 Lightweight Premium Aluminium

Premium Aluminum

Icons Web Page 3 10 Years Warranty

20 Years

Can’t find what you are looking for?

ProtectorAl offers an extensive custom style, size, shape and colour range in Aluminium and Glass Fencing, Gates, Balustrading, Screening, Doors, Hardware and Accessories. Visit your local Bunnings Special Orders Desk to find out more.

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Finish off your Aluminium Fencing Project.

Finish Off Your Balustrade Project1

Step 1 – Select your balustrade style.

Panels and posts simply sleeve together making a 950 mm or 1050mm H balustrade system.

Finish Off Your Balustrade Project2

Step 2 – Select your post type and colour.

Match your post to your panels from our range.

Finish Off Your Balustrade Project3

Step 3 – Select your hardware.

ProtectorAl Balustrade Wall Panel Brackets come in a handy pack of 2 with 10 colour-matched, self-drilling screws.

Finish Off Your Balustrade Project4

Step 4 – Select your accessory.

ProtectorAl Aluminium Post Domical Cover has a cover plate consisting of two parts that conceal the bolt heads and flange for a neater appearance to fit 100 mm x 100 mm base plates. These cover plates are designed to be easily fitted onto any post without removing any panels.

ProtectorAl More than just fencing.

Protecting What Matters Most


How to Install Video and Downloads

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