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Our easy to use calculator will help to to plan and cost your project. Just select the look you want and put in your measurements. It couldn’t be simpler.

Installing your own glass pool fencing or balustrading system? We’re here to help you every step of the way.

The key to any do-it-yourself project is planning. Our handy, easy-to-use calculator will eliminate any guesswork and provide you with an itemisation of required components, a layout of your project and even give you an accurate cost estimate.

Get a pool fence or balustrade estimate

Select your favourite Everton system, input your measurements and in just a few moments you'll have a list of components you can take with you to Bunnings. Start calculating now.

Note: For less typical installations (ie. those requiring more than 4 sides, non-90 degree corners, sloping sites, mixed surfaces etc) we suggest contacting us directly to discuss your requirements.

Check Local Regulatory Requirements: Before installing your pool fence or balustrade check information provided by your local council to ensure it complies with any local by-laws.