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Protector Aluminium are proud to be official partners of Water Safety New Zealand. Protector Aluminium, Water Safety NZ and water safety sector leaders have come together to develop a national culture of safe enjoyment around water for a common cause – drowning prevention and water-related injury prevention.


Aiming for Zero

Water Safety New Zealand’s Mission is “to develop a national culture of safe enjoyment around water.” Protector Aluminium are proud to be able to work with Water Safety New Zealand to work towards the first of their Guiding principles – Prevention, particularly for children under 5.


Help Save New Zealand’s School Pools

Water Safety New Zealand is on a mission to help New Zealand’s schools keep their swimming pools open.  In the past six years more than 150 school pools have closed – and we know a further thirty are at risk. We believe that school pools are a vital resource for teaching children how to swim to survive – and in the long-term, bringing New Zealand’s high drowning toll down. Protector Aluminium will be working with Water Safety New Zealand be supporting the “save our schools” campaign.


Like Aussies, New Zealanders love the water.  Sadly, every year, a large number of Kiwis lose their lives to drowning. Water Safety New Zealand believe they can achieve the goal of zero drowning - but to do so, we need your help. Make water safety a priority for you and your family - learn to swim, wear and use the right safety equipment, learn survival skills and most importantly keep your loved ones, especially young children, close.


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