Protector Aluminium’s fencing range comes in many styles, colours and sizes for you to choose from. Whether it’s a pool fence, garden fence, boundary fence, dog proof fence, security or a custom designed fence in a range of options such as curved, raked or sloped down, you will find it all at Protector Aluminium.

Their pool fences comply with the Australian standards and a Pool Fencing Compliance Certificate is available by request from a contractor or store you purchased the fencing material from. .

PLEASE NOTE: Please check your council’s requirements at www.poolfencing.gov.au for more information as some designs may not be pool fence compliant in your area.


Colour Choices:
Matching the fence colour to the roof/gutter colour often works best, dark colours are usually less obtrusive (black is the most popular colour).

Sloping Ground:
Raking the panels often looks better and eliminates gaps under the fence. Depending on pool fencing regulations in your area, your pool fence can be raked to suit the slope of the ground.

Underground Cables:
Call “Dial Before You Dig” on 1100 to help locate cables before digging.

CPR charts are compulsory for all pool owners.


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